We specialize in providing E2E solutions to enable our clients offer best in class service to its customers.

Network Optimisation

We offer numerous optimization solutions that focus on improving the technical efficiency of wireless networks, define measurement objectives in terms of coverage, capacity, and quality to optimize CAPEX and OPEX.


·  Single Site Verification (SSV)

·  Benchmarking Drive Test

·  Tuning

·  Network Optimization

·  Network Performance Monitoring &
·  Reporting


Network Installations

We deliver 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G networks that help push best practices to new levels, leveraging on effective team coordination and program management, multi-vendor roll out experience.

Hybrid Power integration: Implementing various state-of-the-art Hybrid Power Solutions from reputed vendors ranging from Eaton, Huawei, Ericsson & Nokia, followed by other OEMs.

Telecoms Equipment Installation (RF, Microwave, Fiber and BSS) and Integration: Effectively building new fully deployed wireless networks requires deep insight into all facets of network planning, design, deployment, and optimization.


·  Hybrid Power integration

·  Telecoms Equipment Installation (RF,
·  Microwave, fiber & BSS) and
·  Integration

·  Telecoms Equipment transportation
·  and logistics

Network Maintenance

Site Asset Management: Management of telecoms infrastructure: BTS Maintenance, Transmission / Microwave system Maintenance, Fiber Management System, Shelter and Generator management.

Capacity Development: Delivering contemporary training to our esteemed clients. Recovery of materials from site to customer warehouses.

Routine maintenance of RF base stations, TX substations and enterprise networks, like small cells, PABX, VOIP, etc.

Enterprise Network Solutions

•  Watson Chatbot (AI)

•  Voice over IP (VoIP)

•  Telephone Cloud system

•  Network security

Exceeding Expectations

Fostering a culture of integrity, service, excellence performance, social responsibility, passion and innovation.